Sr. No Project Title Faculty Supervisor Brief Description Mode of Project execution Prerequisites Preferred Branch or year
1 Humanitarian Supply Chain Management Vikram Sharma The project entails exploring the current Humanitarian Supply Chain Management practices in our country and how they can be improved further, considering the increasing requirement of highly efficient HSCM models to handle natural and man-made disasters. In either mode None
2 Machine Learning based stock market prediction PURNENDU KARMAKAR Stock movement depends on lot of variables. Despite the volatility, stock prices aren’t just randomly generated numbers. So, they can be analyzed as a sequence of discrete-time data; in other words, time-series observations taken at successive points in time (usually on a daily basis). Online Python, Machine Learning basics, Report writing 3rd Year Student ECE/CCE/CSE
3 Machine learning based Channel Estimation in 5GNR PURNENDU KARMAKAR In many wireless scenario we need to estimate channel. Channel estimation plays an important role in a communication receiver. In order to mitigate hostile channel effects on the received signal, precise channel estimation is required to provide information for further processing of the received signal.The aim of the project is channel estimation for fading channels in meter-level indoor scenarios. Online MATLAB Wireless Communication 4th Year ECE
4 Sentiment Analysis and Variation of sentiment for COVID 19 using Twitter Data PURNENDU KARMAKAR It is important to measure the public response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Twitter is an important data source for infodemiology studies involving public response monitoring. Online Python, Machine Learning, LATEX 3rd Year at least
5 Machine Learning based coverage and capacity optimization PURNENDU KARMAKAR Mobile networks have expanded in recent decades. However, as constant Internet availability becomes more of a necessity for many users, mobile operators are expanding their networks to provide better coverage of users even in remote locations. At the same time, even in locations with typically good coverage, the unexpected appearance of crowds of people decreases the available bandwidth per user due to limited network capacity in the area. In either mode MATLAB 3 rd year or 4th Year
6 Path planners for Autonomous Vehicle Rahul Singhal The project would give hands on development of various path planners for various autonomous vehicle like UAV, UGV, AUV. The algorithm development would also include design specific considerations for vehicle and arena. Possibly development of new algorithm for dynamic environment or static 3D environment depending on the selection criterias. In either mode programing skills in matlab/python/c/c++
7 Performance Study of Speech Enhancement Methods for Robust Automatic Speech Recognition Dr. Navneet Upadhyay The speech recognition performance work well in clinical conditions and degrades in adverse environments. To improve performance in adverse environment a pre-processing stage is required before recognition. The aim of the project is the evaluation of speech enhancement methods for speech recognition performance. In either mode Digital Signal Processing, MATLab/Simulink ECE/CCE/CSE/CE
8 Web Application Security Mohit Gupta A tool is to be developed for static analysis of web applications In either mode 1) Java Script 2) HTML 3) Nodejs 4)Exposure to Web Application Development & Restful API(Desirable) 2nd Year
9 Smart Contract Security (Blockchain) Mohit Gupta A tool is to be developed for static analysis of smart contract written in Solidity In either mode Solidity 2nd Year
10 Social Network Analysis Nirmal Kumar Sivaraman In either mode Openness and enthusiasm to learn
11 Information Diffusion Nirmal Kumar Sivaraman In either mode Openness and enthusiasm to learn
12 Inventory Management System Sandeep Saini Designing the inventory management portal for the IT helpdesk of the LNMIIT. Offline Python and Database Any year
13 Designing of Medical Health Website (only Design) Amit Neogi Design a responsive mobile-friendly, attractive prototype that clearly illustrates how the site functions and looks. Improves the user interface, making it interactive, and easy to navigate with the help of a well-designed menu, and search option. In either mode none Open for all
14 Development of Medical Health Website Amit Neogi Develop a Health website that contains the testimonials of common people with various diseases like migraine, Cancer, etc. A platform where one can share their testimonials, ask for suggestions, and search for pathies and diseases to have a better understanding of cures available. In either mode None Open for all
15 Medical Data extraction using web scrapping Amit Neogi Design an efficient web scrapper/ use standard web scrapper tools and summarize testimonials of people from websites, ebooks, articles In either mode None Open for all
16 Extracting data from You Tube videos Amit Neogi One can use Watson studio to extract information from YouTube videos and summarize it. Manual verification is also required In either mode None Open for everyone
17 Manual Medical Data collection from various resources Amit Neogi Collecting data manually from websites, WhatsApp, ebooks, You Tube videos and summarizing it In either mode None open
18 Design and Development of Next-Generation Si-based Photonic Sensors for Biological Applications Dr. Harshvardhan Kumar In this project, we use the novel group-IV materials to design the photonic sensors. In addition, theoretical modeling of the optical and electrical properties of group-IV alloys will be carried out. In either mode MATLAB or COMSOL Multiphysics Physics, ECE, 2nd year onwards
19 Design of MOS Transistors-based Photodetectors for the Next-Generation Telecommunication Networks and MIR Bands Dr. Harshvardhan Kumar In this project, we will propose the novel design of the high performance photodetectors using the CMOS technology to detect the optical light at MIR bands for the next-generation fiber-optic telecommunication bands. In either mode Semiconductor, VLSI Devices, MATLAB, COMSOL Multiphysics, TCAD, Silvaco ECE/Electrical/Physics/UG 2nd Year Onwards
20 Phy layer simulation for Beyond 5G wireless systems Divyang Rawal This project concentrates on physical layer simulation of Beyond 5G wireless systems. Simulation of error Control coding/MIMO/orthogonal or Non orthogonal Multiple Access/Resource mapping techniques are part of this project. Offline Signals, Analog/Digital Communication 3rd
21 Academic Data Management System Dr. Saurabh Kumar Offline GUI Development, Database Handling, Software Engineering CSE, CCE
22 A peer to peer Video calling system Dr. Sandeep Saini Offline GUI Development, Video calling apps SDK handling Any LNMIIT Student
23 Optimal Design of Beamforming for RIS Enabled Cellular Networks Purnendu Karmakar and Dr. Dr.Praful Mankar (IIIT Hyderabad) Owing to their capability of proactively modifying the wireless communication environment, reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RISs), also named as reconfigurable reflect-arrays, large intelligent surfaces (LISs) or intelligent reflecting surface (IRS), have become a focal point in the wireless communications research field for mitigating a wide range of challenges encountered in diverse wireless networks. The RIS is made of electromagnetic material, which can be installed on key points, such as building facades, highway polls, advertising panels, vehicle windows, and even pedestrians’ clothes due to the characteristic that it does not need to change the standardization and hardware of the existing wireless networks. The RIS is capable of smartly ’reconfiguring’ the wireless propagation environment by compensating the power loss over long distances, as well as for forming virtual line-of-sight (LoS) links between the base stations (BSs) and the mobile users (MUs) via passively reflecting their received signal. In either mode Any Student
24 NIRF Rank prediction using machine learning Purnendu Karmakar and Dr. Sandeep Saini Nowadays ranking plays an important role for students career decisions. NIRF is a government agency taking a good initiative in ranking of HEIs. However, most of the functions in the ranking are not disclosed. So, if an institute wants to estimate its ranking before the actual ranking is published, there is no tool available. We intend to develop a machine learning based software/ tool which will be able to predict the ranking. Offline Python, Web crawling, DBMS, Front End Back end appropriate Software 3rd year LNMIIT Student will be preferred
25 Covid-19 and E-Commerce Dr. Surinder Singh Nehra Offline None 2nd year LNMIIT Student will be preferred
26/td> Protectionism in International Trade Dr. Sagnik Bagchi Offline None 2nd year LNMIIT Student will be preferred
27 Real-time stock monitoring and prediction system Dr. Sandeep Saini Offline None 2nd and 3rd year
28 Crypto Prediction using Semantic analysis Mr. Vikas Bajpai The project deals with predicting the crypto pricing based on semantic analysis Offline None Any UG student
29 Statistical Trend Analysis Mr. Vikas Bajpai The project deals with analysing various trends in weather parameters Offline None Any UG student
30 Revisiting linguistic, ethical and psychological boundaries in the Indian Law System. Dr. Usha Kanoongo Checking the ethicality and psychological validity of existing and amended laws, and figuring out linguistic loopholes in laws and procedures. In either mode None Any UG student
31 Creating online and offline jobs for villagers Prof. Amit Neogi Here students are supposed to talk to the villagers, know their strengths and resources and accordingly device methods to earn something from internet In either mode None Any UG student
32 Making improvements in the website of CWPH Prof. Amit Neogi Website of CWPH has already been made in a mini project last year. But we need to develop a mechanism so that any student having any problem can convey his/her problem in an anonymous mode to the counselor and vice versa Offline None Any LNMIIT UG student
33 Develop a short course to teach people about effective use of latest gadgets Prof. Amit Neogi Lot of new features are not known to people . Most of the people who are old and aged are not accustomed to new development and features of the internet world including use of smart phones as well as laptops/tablets and desktops. This project in the form of a workshop can help these people to enhance their productivity. In either mode None Any UG student
34 Web Development for Centre for Communication, Soft skills and Personality Development Dr. Usha Kanoongo In either mode None Any UG student
35 Has the trade pattern changed? Dr. Sagnik Bagchi In either mode None Any UG student
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